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Fairy Cat Gallery

   Welcome to our Fairy Cats gallery, where you will find elegant, adorable fairy cats and kittens.

All fine art prints are created with top-quality archival inks and come in a clear protective sleeve with a backboard. Larger prints may come rolled in tubes. 5x7" prints may show less of the picture than you see below, but have been carefully cropped by Melissa to preserve as much of the original image as possible. 8x10" prints come on 8.5x11" paper. Click each picture below to see a larger version of each image; all images are low quality for the web and do not reflect the top quality of the actual prints. .

Please note: The copyright watermarks you see on the pictures here will NOT be on the actual prints!

blue winter cat art silver bells art fine art print

Blue Winter

christmas cat santa art candy canes fine art print

Candy Cane Holiday

christmas cat santa art candy canes art fine art print

Candy Cane Kitten

angel kitten angel cat calico christmas art fine art print

Angel Paws

kitten cat on moon baby girl nursery art fine art print

Goodnight Starlight

autumn fall leaves acorn sleeping black kitten car fine art print

The Golden Acorn

halloween cat art pumpkin jack o'lantern

Pumpkin Surprise

The Enchanted Keyring cat fine art print

The Enchanted Keyring

 Spring Door cat fine art print

Spring Door

christmas cat fine art print

Candy Cane Lane

christmas cat fine art print

Purrfect Stocking Stuffers

christmas cat fine art print

Candy Cane Elf

christmas cat fine art print

Reindeer Stocking

christmas cat fine art print

Santa Paws

Royal Daydreams fine art print

Royal Daydreams

Enchanted Daydreams cat fine art print

Enchanted Daydreams

Candy Cat Craze fine art print

Candy Cat Craze

The Pumpkin Patch halloween cat fine art print

The Pumpkin Patch

Lemon Cupcake Kitten cat fine art print

Cupcake Kittens: Lemon

Chocolate Cupcake Kitten cat fine art print

Cupcake Kittens: Chocolate

Hummingbird Summer cat stained glass fine art print

Hummingbird Summer

Goodnight Moonlight cat fine art print

Goodnight Moonlight

The Cats of Spring fine art print

The Cats of Spring

winter Candy Cane Christmas sleeping cat red green holly black cat fine art print

Candy Cane Christmas

Santa Claws santa claus cat hat gold bell red pointsettas fine art print

Santa Claws

winter snowflake snow sleeping cat white cat fine art print

Snowflake Daydreams

winter snowflake snow lantern cat silouette black cat twilight fine art print

Winter Twilight

sleeping black cat kitten tiara red roses sweet dreams cat fine art print

Sweet Daydreams

Brown Tabby cat kitten yellow sunflowers bee happy bees fine art print

Flutterbug Friends: Bee Happy

Blueberry grey black white tabby cat kitten blue blueberries green spring garden fruit fine art print

Blueberry Kitten

Autumn Twilight black and white cat lantern pumpkins jack o'lanterns halloween fall leaves fine art print

Autumn Twilight

Cherry tuexdo black and white cat kitten ruby garnet red cherries green spring garden fruit fine art print

Cherry Kitten

Bluebells sleeping black cat kitten blue butterfly sapphire flowers fine art print

Butterfly Kittens: Bluebells

Purple Lilies siamese ragdoll cat kitten monarch butterfly purple lavender lilac lily flowers fine art print

Butterfly Kittens: Purple Lilies

Lily Bells calico cat kitten monarch butterfly lily of the valley flowers fine art print

Butterfly Kittens: Lily Bells

sailor boy cat nautical ocean lighthouse starfish anchor wheel ship navy fine art print

Sailor Boy

Blackberry Kitten Cat fairy angel purple Blackberries fine art print

Blackberry Kitten

Strawberry Kitten Cat fairy angel strawberry strawberries fine art print

Strawberry Kitten

Spring Meadows Tuxedo Orange Cat fairy angel cat kitten red mushrooms

Spring Meadows

Yuletide Joy Christmas cat art angel kitten

Yuletide Joy

Lilac Daydreams fairy kitten Cat

Lilac Daydreams

Phantom of the Opera Cat Fairy Cat Art

Phantom of the Masquerade

Shiver Meow Timbers Fairy Pirate Cat

Shiver Meow Timbers

Winter Moon Fairy Cat

Winter Moon Cat

Pumpkin Fairy Witch Cat

Pumpkin Cat Magic

Dawn Bubbles Cat

Dawn Bubbles


Autumn Cat Magic

July Cat

Birthstone Fairy Cats: Ruby


Twilight Moon Pearls


Midday Moon Pearls


Daybreak Moon Pearls


Birthstone Fairy Cats: Aquamarine


Birthstone Fairy Cats: Amethyst

Garnet Cat

Birthstone Fairy Cats: Garnet

Sapphire Cat

Birthstone Fairy Cats: Sapphire


Key of Feathers


Key of Leaves


Key of Stars

Key of Enchantment

Key of Enchantment

Snowflake Fairytail Cat

Snowflake Fairytail

Enchanted Spring

Enchanted Spring

The Halloween Kitten

The Halloween Kitten

Purrfect Autumn

A Purrfect Autumn

Happy Holidays Cat

Happy Holidays Cat

Merry Little Christmas Cat

Merry Little Christmas Cat

All images, artwork, and product designs are copyright 2008-2011 by Melissa Dawn and Spellbound Wings. Terms of Use